King James

"King James" Founder & CEO of Ministers II Society, LLC. Song Writer, Music Producer, Mentor & Community Activist

James Comer AKA "Banga" was born & raised in "Brick City" Newark, New Jersey. At a young age, he began dealing drugs & he became heavily involved in the city's thriving gang culture. For him, the school to prison pipeline became a reality because at17 years old, he was sentenced to Life in prison for Murder, Robbery & Multiple Firearms charges. After years of the same violent behavior behind the prison wall & every appeal being denied, he finally realized he was powerless & needed saving, so he fell to his knees & called out to God. Soon after, he became a member of the prison church, got baptized, joined the choir & "King James" was born. He began to mentor both at-risk youth & fellow prisoners. After being afforded an opportunity to produce & record music, he decided to use his voice to reach out from behind the wall & he founded the organization now known as Ministers II Society. King James & the Ministers goal is to do just that, Minister II Society & help rebuild what they once help destroy. Now officially becoming a voice for the people, the plan is to inform, enlighten, &. inspire Society through music. One song at a time. To contact King James directly, register on & email. Or write to: James Comer #479199/527457-C N.J.S.P./ P.O. BOX 861 Trenton, N.J. 08625


Tyrell Jackson : CEO, Author, Fashion Designer, Producer, Writer, Society Activist, Motivational Speaker, Artist

This spitfire rhyme-slinger and one-time rising star is ready to soar to new heights with a legion of lyrics chock full of quirky catchphrases, melodic hooks, and knock out punch lines that are a testament of the ghetto gospel with a spiritual twist! Tyrell Jackson, who went by the name Twist, was an up and coming rapper out of South Jamaica Queens who was label mates with his friends Trav and Gbangs Brown. Twist's career was taking off in 2009 when he was accused of committing a crime that occurred in 2005. Twist pleaded his innocence, but without God and financial backing and resources, his lawyers failed to prove his innocence. Twist blew trial and received a 48-year sentence in Union County, New Jersey.

Tyrell grew up in a Christian household under the care of his grandfather and grandmother Richard and Mallie Jenkins. At the time, Twist's parents were knee-deep in the street, and due to drug use and incarceration, he turned to the streets for guidance. It took Tyrell sitting in a cell in Union County jail to start talking to God again and putting his trust in God. Tyrell was sent to the worst jail in New Jersey, the same prison that housed death row and held the lethal injection Trenton State prison. Tyrell joined the New Beginnings church because only God can save him fro this crazy nightmare. While attending church services his good friend King James saw that the church needed something new that can appeal to the youth and hold the attention of the streets. So he pulled Shakeil, aka Hymn, together with Twist to form the MinistersIISociety ministry. These three men came together under terrible conditions to make inspiring music that will touch lives and will help some young men and women from making the same mistakes these guys made. These three men are the core artists of MinistersIISociiety, but ministering is something they must do to build and not destroy the communities. Your race, religion, or who you are won't stop a person from being a minister to society. We must come together with unity and love. Tyrell, aka Twist, goes by the name Tye-Jack now he's a rockstar for Jesus, and through his music, he will minister to his people. God Bless!


Daniel Lawrence



Shakeil Price- CEO of Ministers II Society. Songwriter, music producer, engineer, mentor, society activist Author (nonfiction) book, Blogger & Screenplay writer......

Shakeil Price known to most as "Shak" now goes by the acronym "Hymn" (pronounced HIM) HYMN stands for Healing the Young Men of our Nation! Hailing from Perth Amboy New Jersey. Hymn is currently incarcerated in a maximum-security prison. In 2008 he was charged with murder after an altercation in a nightclub. Under New Jersey state law, he isn't eligible for parole until he serves roughly 63 years.  "Shak dreaded the fact that his musical talents were not being properly utilized sitting in a cell 22 hours per day. Upon reflecting on the effects that mass incarceration has on the Black and Brown communities ."Shak" decided he needed to be a part of the solution and not the problem. This leads him to attend the prison fellowship with the intention to use his talents to enlighten a prison population that society deems worthless. This is where the moniker "HYMN" was created. After linking up with Tyrell and James, who shared similar views, the mission to minister II society began. Hymn's cultural foundation is one of peace. He is teaching Freedom, Justice, and Equality to all human families. Not to be mistaken as a Christian Hip Hop artist or a gospel rapper,  Hymn is better classified as an enlightener due to his secular position as a Five Percenter. As an artist, he has a unique ability to paint a lyrical testimony colored with spiritual philosophy from all walks of life. Witness the Ministers II Society as they embark upon a mission to change the culture. Every saint has past, and every sinner has a future!



There is something to be gained from every struggle in life. One rarely see the gift of the struggle in the presence of hardship. But over many years, months, & days I've grown to appreciate each & every adversity that I've faced & ultimately overcome.

The old adage rings true, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." In this very moment, I'm in the midst of the biggest challenge of my life. Growing up I had to fight, hustle, & grind for everything I had & now that I'm facing the greatest battle I've ever fought which is to obtain my freedom. I had to look back to every experience prior to my incarceration for encouragement which has propelled me to keep moving on while still fighting strong.

I was born in Cooper Hospital which is located in the city of Camden New Jersey on the 11th day of a mild October night, 20 days shy of Halloween. So I've never been afraid of ghost, goblins & creeping things. This fearless spirit allowed me the power to step far beyond my comfort zone to face any opposition head on.

There's a saying in my hood, "If you can make it in Camden, you can make it anywhere." That, I did from the time of my birth, up until the day of my imprisonment. I've lived, hustled, & played in just about every major city on the East Coast, which has afforded me the ability to see first hand the many similarities of oppression, violence, & addiction that has plagued all of our communities for far too long.

How many Black & Latino men & women alike have been effected by our society, our neighborhood, & ultimately our culture across the country? We all have become products of our environment one way or another, negatively or positively.

I now choose the latter, pledging that, I David Moon will uplift my community. No longer will I be a menace in today's society, but a Minister II Society, creating a new culture that's built on love & respect. Knowing when one loves & respect those that look like you, one becomes more willing to help those in need. And now, that love & respect that was shared become prevalent throughout our society.

This is the first step that leads us to the new world where all of our children flourish. Just know it takes us to stop us, from killing us. This is why I've made the pledge to be part of the solution & no longer the problem & understanding my role in this culture of violence, addiction, & poverty.

I am presently co-founder of a nonprofit organization called New Life Justice Initiative which aids newly released prisoners in there journey back into society as productive citizens.

We at (NLJI) are a grass root organization that fully understand the many obstacles one faces when he or she is re-acclimated back into society. Our goal is to lend a helping hand when needed.

As we grow, NLJI will be more equipped to assist all those that have been recently released from prison on a larger scale. NLJI plan is to be one of few sources that truly provide food, clothing, shelter, education, & job training.

For further information you can contact me through David Moon #157230-C or IYOU Podcast @Steve Kadonsky Instagram & facebook.

Also, keep an eye out for a few books I have coming out. We'll keep you updated...

Book Titles:

1. Poems of Passion, Prisoners Love, Letter To Freedom...

2..How To Love An Ex-con...

3..Steel Benders, Physical Fitness From A Prisoners Prospective.

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