Black Bodies for Profit 

The State of New Jersey spends approximately $53,000 a year to feed, clothe and house yours truly. For 75 years that'll be $3,975,000. 60 Billion taxpayer dollars are spent on prisons and jails ey' year. Its big business thats exactly why we're out in dem streets screaming ,"Defund the Police!" Actually, those figures don't even calculate the costs of police and the courts. (Read the article: Following the Money of Mass Incarceration by: Peter Wagner and Bernadette Rabuy) 

If the United States reduced it's incarceration rates to that of ey' other industrialized nation, we would have billions more dollars ey' year going towards health care, education, and the environment. The countries that offer free health care and education to their citizens are able to do so because they spend less on prisons then we do. (Check da Stats!) Its not because we are committing crime at a higher rate either. These other countries simply lock up fewer people and for less time. 

When you examine a countries budget you get a sense of their priorities. Its seems the United States is more interested in locking people up than giving people an opportunity in life. Once you factor in the disparities of black people being arrested compared to our white counterparts, you'll begin to realized the United States is actually more interested in locking up BLACK people than giving us proper health care and education. 

New Jersey has the highest disparity between black and whites inmates in the country with 12.2 black inmates for ey' white inmate. A young black man has a 32 percent chance of going to prison in his lifetime, while a young white man only has a 6 percent chance of going to prison in the United States. There is no doubt that if young white people were being incarcerated at the same rate, the issue would be a national emergency. These numbers are crazy cause we only make up 12 percent of the population of this country. What logical reason could possibly explain the cause for such an extraordinary racial disparity in the criminal justice system? Can you say, "Black Bodies for Profit?" 

Generations have been lost to the prison system; countless families have been torn apart; and a school-to-prison pipeline has been born that ushers young people from their underfunded schools to brand-new high-tech prisons. I repeat, can you say, "Black Bodies for Profit?" 

All we want is a fair chance. (FREEDOM, JUSTICE & EQUALITY) Black Prisoners Lives Matter 


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