MINISTERS II SOCIETY PRESENTS: "Chasing Paper vs Making Paper" 


The positive music don't sale and bring that bling-bling glamour type of popularity, so record labels don't push it. Going the indie route and providing exclusive content is a strategic maneuver. Teaching these youngens the importance of ownership, equity and control is a trendy topic now a days. We have to lead by example. 

This is my calling not my career. This is not a popularity contest or P.R. stunt. I am honestly tired of seeing my peoples in garments soaked with blood, sweat and/or tears. In some circles they're calling me a life coach. I am flattered by the title, B-u-t I'm just giving you a unique perspective of my experiences with the utmost sincerity. U can't get this nowhere else. Why not bottle it up and put it on the market, and generate a profit to create opportunities for the less fortunate. I still know how to secure da bag. 

On the flip side, I had those who claim to have love and support for me actually fix their lips to say that they appreciate what I am doing, BUT!!! the blog and music is boring and lacks excitement... 

They want me to glorify my past life and promote the false stereotypes of the Blackman. You're now witnessing Black excellence. I ain't a savage in pursuit of happiness no more. 

Bruh bruh, the hunt is on to assassinate and capture black bodies and you say its boring? We're playing defense in this hunt and are consciously setting up a strategy and structure to win. We can't afford to lose cause our opponents end game is genocide and total world domination. Stop sleeping! We woke over here @Ministers II Society. When you MAKING paper you don't have to CHASE it. 


Producing Equity & Assets in a Civilized Economy 


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