A lot of our people, old and young alike, don't understand the purpose of dating. First and foremost, you have to truly know thyself. You are searching for a companion to complement "YOU". You need to be sure this significant other brings out the best in you and vice versa. This quest is highly significant and sensitive because the partner you are trying to locate is someone you will build a family, community and nation with. Dating is not an excuse to be running around having casual sex with randoms. Also, you shouldn't be in the game of just showing off some sweet arm candy. 

While hitting the dating scene you should be evaluating your potential partner to help you answer these following questions: 

What is he or she currently doing to prepare for what they say they want to be in life? Is there a sense of ambition and enthusiasm when speaking about future plans and goals? 

Do they have love for themselves and their people? 

How well do they recover when they're faced with obstacles or pitfalls? 

Do they lie, steal, or cheat? How do they think of others who lie, steal, or cheat? 

Is your potential partner quick to admit when they're wrong or make a mistake? Do they continually repeat those mistakes or do they learn from them? 

Do they buy you gifts without asking and are those gifts based on what you want or what you need? 

Do they sincerely care about your mental and physical health? Do they read anything of substance? 

Look for these answers in their actions more so then what actually comes out of their mouth. Examine the fabric of their hearts, what you see is what you get. If you don't like some of the answers you come up with, don't try to change them, he or she will change on their own. Overall, just make sure you find someone that is worth you. 

Pleasure and Emotions Always Cause Eruptions 



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