Ministers II Society Presents: How to Reach Our Youth Series pt. 2 


After we've listened to our distressed youth express their concerns and struggles, we can then began to bring forth some of the wisdom us elders have obtained through our life experiences. The goal is to introduce concepts of self-reflection and critical thinking to encourage responsible decision making, as well as enhancing the awareness of behavioral consequences. 

Relaying that information has to be done in a strategic form and fashion. Ey'body has a different learning process, so our teaching techniques has to be swift and changeable. For example: If we're trying to get through to a young hustler type, we are going to have to use terms that are related to that lifestyle to grasp and hold their attention. If we're trying to put em' on to the importance of conflict resolution, we can address a scenario where a customer (fiend, smoker, or pipe head etc.) comes through running game cause their money is short. Explain the short and long term consequences if they choose to attack ey' custie who comes through running game. That fiend is gonna take their money to someone else, so you potentially lose customers and they're more likely to set you up for the stick up boys or the cops because you chose to put hands on em'. So, by resolving this issue of conflict in a civilized mature manner, he will benefit his bottom line, which is to get money and stay out of the grave or prison in the process. 

This lesson on the importance of conflict resolution can be an example of how to handle drama in the workplace, beef with a rival or any other petty argument that leads to senseless violence. If it ruins the bottom line, which is to get money and stay out of the grave or prison, then its counterproductive or in layman's terms, hustlin backwards. 

Those same terms would be useless in trying to reach a youngster who was heavy into football because you are not speaking in his language of interest. We would have to formulate our advice from the perspective of an athlete. Only because we've previously took the time out to get into their world and learn them as a person, are we able to articulate our advice and guidance in a way that is most relatable to that individual. 

Once we are able to reach their minds and get them critically thinking about their decision making, the possibilities are limitless. Putting the knowledge before wisdom brings forth a clear understanding. 

Proper Education Activates Creative Energy 


SIDE NOTE: Having good communication skills is the best way to resolve conflict. If you don't know how to talk to people with respect, a regular conversation can escalate to an argument, which leads to guns blazing. That's a universal law for friends, family, or law enforcement. 


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