MINISTERS II SOCIETY  PRESENTS:  Man In The Mirror  by Vasil Heisler©2016. All Rights Reserved. 


Dear Man in the Mirror: 

Here we are again, just you and I. I see you, but wonder if you see me? 

I feel like it would be a blessing if you sincerely turn out to be someone who I can actually depend on this time. 

Or maybe even someone who is willing to hold me down and help ease the burden of prison-life. 

Why? Because that's what you're supposed to do. 

However, being totally honest with you, you've never really been reliable in caring for me. You've let me down in the past, or maybe it was the other way around. 

I don't know ... we've been in nearly constant contact, but neither of us tends to notice the other, the way we should. 

So, please understand that our time, yours and mine, is more valuable than we care to admit. So, let's make proper use of it. 

And, we can raise our net worth by improving on the quality of company we keep and the quantity of friends in our network. 

All I ask, is for your guidance and I'll be expecting your honesty in expressing what we really want and need from this experience. 

Let's be a bit more ruthless with how we choose to spend our time, as well as our choice in who we associate with. 

We're a simple kind of man without a specific objective or ulterior motive ... except to surround myself; or yourself, or our self with encouraging and inspiring people rather than those with negative influences to keep us from accomplishing my goals. 

Sometimes I can't figure out which one of us is talking, you or me, I mean ... you are me and I am you, right? 

No matter how we reflect, I'm just hoping the man in the mirror - whether you on the other side or me standing here - hears me. Can you hear me? Why the hell am I talking to myself anyway? I am the man in the mirror staring back at me. 

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