"No idea's original. There is nothing new under the sun. It's never what you do but how its done." As once stated by one of my favorite lyricist, Nas. 

In this day and age of rapidly evolving technology, one might tend to challenge or disagree with that statement. "No Idea's Original" 

Idea means a mental conception or image. Original means first or earliest. With the billions of people who live on this planet and the vast amount of thoughts one can have per minute, it is theoretically impossible to say you have an "Original Idea." 

Still in all, that phrase is thrown around a lot when people are making their pitch to convince you to invest in them. From the boardroom to the bando its the same thing. "We'd like to present this new groundbreaking concept." or "Cats ain't neva thought bout whippin dat raw like dis." 

The invention itself only signifies that the person was able to make his thoughts (Ideas) manifest. I'm sure you've experienced the guy or girl who sees the commercial for a brand new product and says, "I had that idea 2 to 5 years ago. They stole my idea." It really boils down to the execution. You may have thought of being a pillar to your community and guiding the youth to make better decisions than you did at their age, but its never what you did (thought) but how its done. Did you execute your vision? Did you make your thoughts manifest into reality? Stop procrastinating and put your thoughts in motion. That is the blueprint on how to manifest your destiny. 

So no, this thing that we're doing HERE is not an Original Idea, b.u.t (born universal truth) it hasn't been done quite like this before. 

Ministers II Society 


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