Reality is...since George Floyd, for me, reality done changed a couple of times over can’t skip legs in the gym, u gotta be strong if you plan to carry the world on your shoulders. The justice system broke the ppl yeah we have spoken and we’re no longer sleep we wake eyes wide open when I read the Trump tweets this is what I him saying..... Y'all niggas better clear them streets & I ain’t playing cause I’m gone send them national guards in with them dogs & out a couple more black bodies up in the morgue you wanna put ya knee on something how bout the turf... shout out to Kaepernick, a black man who was the first..we shed tears for 400 years no rear gas dispersed asking god why did you give me this skin like it’s a curse see they don’t care about our lives & what we been through the BLACK LIVES MATTER is so instrumental it gives us little voice and a microphone to speak into the third month of the year MARCH let’s begin to

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