A Testimonial By King James 

In the year of 2015, I had an encounter with God, that changed my life forever. 

By this time I had already surrendered & given my life completely to Christ & was already serving in our church here at New Jersey State Prison but I hadn't yet stepped into my calling. 

God had been communicating with me loud & clear at this point so I knew he would guide me & order my steps cause that was the prayer I prayed often. I was always musically gifted so when I mistakingly ended up on the church choir list, I knew it wasn't a coincident & was nothing but his will. I began singing bass in the choir & it brought me joy but God wanted so much more from me... 

I was serving a Life sentence for something that happened when I was a youth & I was running out of appeals. I had been begging God in prayer for 15 years for my freedom... For another chance at society. 

One day in 2015, he answered me, saying simply, "Sing & I'll Free You..." 

I was instantly confused by his answer because I was already singing my little heart out for him... (Dead serious!!! Ask Tye Jack & HYMN...Lol...) 

Anyhow, I kept praying & asked God for clarity & revelation on what he had said to me. Not long after that, our pastor, Rev. Dr. Andre McGuire brought us a special guest from the outside to give us his testimony & a musical performance. 

Brother Hahz (formally known as) "Hahz The Ripper" also from Newark blessed us with his life-changing story & musical performance that lit a fire in my spirit & it was made clear right then what God meant when he said to me, "Sing & I'll Free You..." 

Pastor had already been well informed about my gift & he encouraged me to use it for God's glory & watch what God does, so I did. 

I began penning & performing songs for the Kingdom & by the grace of God, this beautiful life-giving tree "Ministers II Society" grew through the concrete from what was once labeled by society, as bad seeds... 

A keeper of his promises, I received an attorney visit from my legal team that God had blessed me with 2 years earlier. (Oh yea, I almost forgot... Top 5 attorney's in the state of New Jersey just walked into my life & said we're gonna get you out.) (the right way.... might I add) That's another testimony for another time... 

They came to inform me that my life sentence was just vacated & I had to be resentenced due to my age. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Another chance at society! Another chance at life! The Bible tells us in James 4:2 You do not have because you do not ask... 
Matthew 7:7 says; Ask & it will be given to you, seek & you will find, knock & it will be opened to you. 

Lord knows, I asked a whole lot of times & I was still in a bit of denial but God soothed my doubts & calmed my fears cause that same night, I saw myself on the news & I knew it wasn't nobody but God. Not only will I soon be free but he used my case to change the laws in the whole state of New Jersey which will free & change the lives of countless others. 

God promise to me was, "Sing & I'll Free You..." 

So when they ask me was I raised in "The Valley" I say yes... & when they ask the question, "Jesus Can U Save My Bros?" I know he can & will... 

This is why I praise him & this is why I sing for him... 

This is why I now, Minister II Society... 

-King James- 

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